It’s time to take up the space you fully desire and deserve. 

You are a beautiful, POWERFUL woman. 


It’s time for you to let go of any fear of your own bigness.

The fear that sets in when you EXPAND into who you were BORN to be.

The fear that tries to take control of you when it’s time to let yourself be SEEN.

The fear that comes with taking up BIG, head-turning space. 

It’s time for you to shed any identity that’s kept you small and GO BIGGER than you’ve ever imagined.

And I made you something to help you do just that.
Hi: I’m Cait Scudder. Millionaire, Mama, Business Coach & Fierce Champion of Women Rising Into Their Fullest Potential.

My mission is simple: To impact the lives of MILLIONS of women ready to experience their INFINITE power and potential in business, wealth, life, and leadership. 

To hold up a mirror to powerhouse women like YOU and witness you recognize the most expansive, LIMITLESS version of yourself staring straight back at you.

You have only just begun to realize the impact you will make...
The shift you will cause in the world...
When you claim legacy of wealth, benevolence and way-paving bigness that you are born to leave.

You are on your way to becoming the highest expression of your biggest self.

Now is your time to GO BIGGER.

What, Exactly, is the 
The BIGGER album is the fire-in-your belly mindset audio for women entrepreneurs, leaders, and visionaries who are ready to experience the most EXPANSIVE, limitless version of themselves.

This <10-minute audio track is your new energy and mindset secret weapon, digging DEEP, dropping you in the dead-center of your power, lifting you to realize that you are ANYTHING but ordinary. 
What Makes the BIGGER Album A Powerful Mindset Tool?
When masterful rhythm combines with guided words, it forges a luminous pathway between the left and right hemispheres of your brain, enabling you to not only absorb the new information, but integrate new patterns of belief and embody new habits of behavior. 

We embody our biggest selves not from thinking alone but from feeling it in the body.
When Should I Listen to the BIGGER Album?
When you wake up with that “I want to CRUSH my day” feeling..
When you’re driving, doing dishes, cleaning..,
When you want to center yourself after a long day…
Before a big talk, important call, or IG Live...
When FEAR sets in..
Anytime you need a boost of BIG, comin’-in-hot energy.
Who is this for?
Creative, visionary women who know they're here to change the world.


What You Get
  • A (10-min) audio track that gives you a HUGE dose of nothing-can-stop me energy that EMPOWERS you to THINK BIGGER, ACT BIGGER, EARN BIGGER, and PLAY BIGGER.
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Pop your earbuds in and get ready to light up the world.

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